Sizzling Cutie: Breann Johnson

breann johnson sizzling cutie

Strikingly enchanting is the mesmerizing element in the appeal of one as beautiful as BREANN JOHNSON who is expected to make waves. Beating out major names to be the leading lady of “Red Wing” which has Terrance Malick as its executive producer speaks well of the lovable imprint she left. It’s wonderful to see BREANN alongside the likes of Bill Paxton, Luke Perry, Joelle Carter and Frances Fisher. “Red Wing” may be her first major starring role but this illuminating darling does have the star quality to garner avid passion. She’s more than aced her moving performance as Maddie Blanton who believes in the righteousness of her actions even if it goes against the wishes of the ones she loves. At its core this is a love story of self-sacrifice that’s universally touching, transcending its indie film status to be emotionally memorable.

Great to see that in a recent interview BREANN is praised as having an indelible aura that’s thoroughly engaging. She does captivate with a sensitive tug at the hearts which so often is the pinnacle of what it means to be an indie sweetheart. The BREANN JOHNSON OFFICIAL SITE is your essential guide to discovering this most impressive up and coming actress. Many will be awed to find out she’s into martial arts especially kung-fu. Sounds like she would dazzle if she scored a role as a new age heroine who kicks ass!

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BREANN JOHNSON is a magnet for adoring glances as she should be so foreseeing her as a much coveted actress is only mere moments away… :)

by Haren Yong