Glen Powell “Break Out” Artist

By: Dwayne Wilder, 10/17/2012 1:24 PM

NOTE: This is another in series of articles on the film, “Red Wing,” which was filmed in Whitewright and other Grayson County locations including Denison this summer. It is set for release in 2013.

Young actor Glen Powell has already been in “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Great Debaters” and “Fast Food Nation.” But “Red Wing” will be his first ‘lead’ role – or ‘strong supportive lead’ as producer Patti Carpenter calls it – in what Powell hopes is his ‘break-out’ film.

“My character (Francis) is brought to light during this story,” explained Powell, from Austin. “This guy was an orphan; abandoned; only wanted for his stipend. Maddie (the story’s main character) is the first to actually show him love. This character is headed for a life of crime, if not for Maddie.”

According to Powell, ‘Francis’ is the masculine ‘moral compass’ of the film.

“Every guy wishes he could be like Francis. In the toughest situations, he makes the noble choice,” explained Powell. “He makes the right choice – always. He has this ‘vision of right’.”

Powell said that the character also struggles with external pressures and concepts such as ‘forbidden love.’ Francis is a good hearted person, Powell noted; he is a paradigm between confusion and trusting one’s own gut.

“He affects everyone around him whether he knows it or not,” added Powell. “He represents the ‘fertility’ of the story; he has that ‘Midas Touch’.” Powell went as far as to say that Frances is the ‘perfect representation of good Texas people.’

“He’s a hard worker; Salt of the earth,” continued Powell. “Kind and giving without thinking about it.”

When comparing himself and his own history with that of this iconic character, Powell notes that it couldn’t be any more different.

“I’m a lucky guy; I have parents that support me and people who love me,” explained Powell. “But Francis is nobody’s boy or son! He affects me; no doubt. When I have to sit in his shoes; when I have to feel what it feels like to have no one, it touches me in a way that no other character has.”

“When I break down; when I’m all alone, my family can pick me up,” added Powell. “But Francis doesn’t have anyone. He’s ‘lost’ – floating in the ocean all alone.”

But not Powell, who has his acting future before him; and the role of a lifetime under his belt. You could say he’s the ‘man for all reasons’ at this point; only time will tell, but he is ready to live it and work for it.

And to think, perhaps a little part of north Texas in the heat of the summer helped an actor make the move to stardom…for sure, it’s fun to think about!

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